Tuesday — High of 60 with PM t-storms

Tuesday -- High of 60 with PM t-storms

Wednesday — high of 61 and clouds

Sometimes it’s really hard to get up and put on something that requires effort when it’s chilly and cloudy all day, everyday. One of my go-to’s for days like today is an oversized button-down. It’s comfortable, but classic.
Wednesday -- high of 61 and clouds

Thursday — high of 56 and cloudy

Thursday, the day of hope. Right before friday, and so far away from Wednesday. I’m taking a dress down day today — breaking out the baseball tee and some wide flare true religion’s. Cheers to a great Thursday everyone! Thursday -- 56 and cloudy

Wednesday — High of 58 with PM Showers

This fall outfit might be the only thing that makes me feel better about not being able to lay in bed in sweatpants all day. I hope it can do the same for you.
Wednesday -- high of 58 with PM Showers

Monday — High of 56 and cloudy.

A not-so-great start to the week with frigid highs around 56 degrees! Yikes! On a day like today, you gotta love a big chunky sweater and comfy leggings. Dress them up for work with nice riding boots and gold accents.
Check out these boots and rings — BARGAINS!
Monday -- High of 56 and cloudy.